Quiz: Summarizing

Test Your Own Summarizing Skills

Here is another passage from Christian and Campbell's Political Parties and Ideologies in Canada. It's your turn to write a summary of this paragraph on a piece of blank paper. For the purposes of this particular exercise, do not repeat any of the words from the original text within quotation marks. The original passage is 137 words in length. Try to write your summary in no more than 70 words. When you are finished, compare your summary with the original, looking for repeated words and phrases: if you have not plagiarized, you will not find any repeated words or phrases. Good luck.
Another important difference between Canada and the United States was the existence of French Canada. Many of the immigrants to New France had left France at a time when liberal ideas were virtually non-existent, and hence they brought with them to the new land an attitude to the state and to society that was more tory-feudal than liberal. When liberal ideas were introduced, they were brought through the medium of the English-speaking protestants who came to settle after the Conquest and who were commercial as well as religious rivals of the French. It was such a situation that Lord Durham reported. He sought to impose on Quebec an authoritarian form of government, fearing that if Quebecers were given democratic rights in the mid-nineteenth century, they would use their power to prevent the development of a liberal society (Christian and Campbell, 1990, p. 282).